Regina’s First Feline-Only Salon!


Zoom Zoom Groom has created a separate cat division called PreZoomably Cats!

A new storefront. A new grooming area. A new experience – designed from the ground up for the comfort of your cat.

Dog grooming at Zoom Zoom Groom

A Place to Relax and Get Pampered

PreZoomably Cats was built to facilitate two services in outstanding fashion: cat grooming and cat boarding. We call them “Groomz” and “Roomz”.

Persian cat at Zoom Zoom Groom

Purely Feline Grooming

The Groomz at PreZoomably Cats are truly purrrfect. PreZoomably Cats has the most Certified Feline Master Groomers (graduates from the NCGIA) in one location in the entire world, and they use first-rate equipment – designed for felines – in a dog-free space.

Young Zorro at Zoom Zoom Groom

A Home Away From Home

Our 16 Roomz are really something to behold. Your cat can enjoy a spacious, sterile, multilevel container, with a feeding ledge, a resting shelf, and a private litter area all built in. And if you want your cat to get extra love and attention while you’re away, we can provide that too!

“But why would I get my cat groomed?”

Cat grooming is beneficial for cats with issues such as hairballs, mats, dandruff, fleas, bad odours, long or sharp claws, eye discharge, or waxy ears.

Cat before grooming


Cat after grooming


If you’d like more information on cat grooming, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions