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Regina’s Pet Grooming Solution

Zoom Zoom Groom is an award-winning pet grooming service in Regina, Saskatchewan.

We try to make grooming feel like a walk in the park for you and your pet, and that means providing friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere in the most convenient way possible.

So have a look around at our wide range of offerings, and if you'd like to know more, subscribe to our newsletter!


Dog Grooming

Come get your dog groomed at our salon on Winnipeg Street, or if you prefer, we can bring our salon to you with our fleet of mobile grooming vehicles.


PreZoomably Cats

PreZoomably Cats is a separate, dog-free space within our building, which includes a grooming station, boarding facilities, and other feline luxuries.


The Apex Academy

Nestled in with Zoom Zoom Groom and PreZoomably Cats is the Apex Academy, one of Canada’s leading schools of professional grooming.

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Latest News

Straight from the dog’s mouth!

Why Groom Cats?

February 6, 2015

Many cat owners think that their feline friends are able to take care of 100% of their grooming needs on their own. While it is true that cats groom themselves, there are many instances where cats need regular grooming done by you or a grooming professional. Some cats require more grooming than others; our fluffiest friends and senior kitties generally have a higher grooming requirement. No matter whether your cat is a long, short, or hairless breed- she will require some form of grooming within her life.


Doggie Dental Month: 5 Ways to Keep Fido Smilin’

February 6, 2015

A Happy Smile is a Happy Heart

Every February pet lovers celebrate Pet Dental Health Month as part of a campaign to promote awareness of periodontal wellness in our pets. Dental health is crucial to the overall well being of your dog, however it is one of the most common forms of illness overlooked by pet owners. In fact, a recent study found that Veterinary Pet Insurance policyholders are spending over twice as much on repairing periodontal disease than preventing it![1]


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  • Welcome to Zoom Zoom Groom!
  • Even Gainer stops in for a relaxing spa day every once in a while!
  • We have reserved parking for our VIPS (Very Important Pets!)
  • We carry a wide selection of Instinct brand raw, dry and canned foods!
  • Kick back, relax, and enjoy the art!
  • Our talented receptionists will meet you at our front doors!
  • You pet will be squeaky clean after their bath in our safe and hygienic pet tubs.
  • Of course we carry treats to reward good behaviour!
  • Our fluffy ambassador Zorro will oversee the quality of the groom from step one!


Happy pets and happy people!